The series Important matters is a biographic work.

It concerns the issue of the Western hunt for career building, personal development and success.

The series Aufpassen was shot in Berlin.

It is about taking care and trusting in someone else to take care of you.

The series Office 2010 is taken around Dutch office areas.

It shows what the second home of many looks like.

The series Places for memories are urban explorations.

It shows places at which people have lived and memories have seemingly been left behind.

The series No stop is about my grandfather.

It tells the story of august 17th 1943, when he was arrested to be sent to Germany to do forced labour.

The series Tourist shows people traveling for pleasure.

In the environment where no-one knows them, tourists tend to act different than at home.

In the project Beach Portraits I went to the beach of Zandvoort to ask random people to pose for me.

After each of these wonderful encounters I wrote down their story to go with the portrait.

The ongoing project LAN Gaming shows the world of a specific kind of computer gamers.

They gather for several days to play computer games against eachother.

In the concept Everybody's Picture I steal photos before they were taken.

Photographs made at a same time and place are almost interchangable. Can your picture serve to be my recollection? Do I really need my own pictures as reminders?

The Sunlight photographs are a light study.

It's a small experiment into photographing the autumn sun.